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What a week. What a month, actually. What with Maxx and I both being sick (and consequently cooped up together for several weeks on end) and Bry being out of commission this weekend, I have become Maxxed out. I should be doing dishes or folding laundry or cleaning house in preparation for Friday's Birthday shindig for Molly but I just don't want to. I know that Friday afternoon I will be rushing around cursing my own stupidity and laziness and wishing to get my Wednesday night back but tonight I Just Don't Care.

So I've set up a special sale in my Etsy shop instead. It is a "Between the Birthdays" sale. It runs from today, Molly's birthday, to June 11th, Maxx's birthday. All scarves are marked at least 10% off and I am offering free 1st class USPS shipping on every order. I am hoping to clear out some of my scarf inventory early this summer so that I can get started with new colors when we get into the new house. Plus, I am offering this AMAZING blue velvet scarf with hand beaded fringe for only $112.00. It has been around for long enough that it now has to decide to either stay here with me or go live with someone else. If you want it to live with you, this is probably your last chance and certainly will be the only time it will be available for such a bargain price!

Here are two recent photos of our lovely birthday girl. She misses her long hair but I think this cut is very cute on her.

In other news, my blog counter passed over 5,000 visits today. That's pretty neat.

Bry got a phone call this afternoon that gives him some options to think about in terms of his job next year. None of the options are very tasteful but one of them includes keeping the job that he currently has, which is nice. We realize that we are very blessed in this economy to not only have a steady (though part time) job with health benefits but to also have some choices about what that job looks like.

The SLC Arts Council's Summer Class schedule is complete - YAY! - and the newsletter should be out soon. I'll post a review of the summer classes I will be teaching in a few days. We have lots of great classes with great teachers coming up - if you are in the North Country this summer, you should check out the schedule. The kid's art camps are going to be really great, and are all priced at about the same cost or lower than a new game for the X-box or whatever digital contraption your kids are adicted to.

Oh and I have a new friend - we have a new Orange Tomcat roaming the neighborhood. I'm such a sucker for Orange tigers. I made the mistake of giving him a scoop of food yesterday and tonight he came around and hollered under the window to announce his presence. I'll try to get a photo in the daylight, he's a pretty one.

O.K. Time to do dishes and at least sort out clean clothes for tomorrow morning! Check out my sale and pass the word along.



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