The most interesting stuff in my Blog

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is found in my blog list.

I have no problem admitting that. If you have been stopping by here occasionally and have not been checking out my blog list found about half way down in the side bar, you've really been missing out.

Today, you should check out bioephemera. Jessica is a brilliant blogger, scientist and artist. She makes my world more interesting every day. Today's post focuses on anamorphosis and includes enough links and information to put an undergrad well on their way to a top notch research paper on the use of lenses in Renaissance art.

I've often been frustrated by my inability to draw like the masters. When I have the time & space in my life for drawing, I've got a pretty good eye and a steady, obedient hand and I've often wondered why I just can't make my drawings look that amazing. Turns out - I don't have the right tools.

Someday, when I'm old and my kids are out my hair and my eyesight is so bad that just about anything will impress me, I'll go build myself a Camera Obscura and play with these techniques. In the meantime, it is really fun to know how some of these tricks are pulled off.


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