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Today, instead of doing responsible things like exercising & balancing the budget first thing in the morning, I changed my blog template and started tweaking my index and widgets. I was tired of that heavy purple and I wanted to go to a 3 column layout.

Please tell me what you think. I'm thinking that I may grow tired of the exuberant rainbow of floral stuff in the corners but today, I'm happy with it.

I'm worried about my Etsy minis on the right margin. Is there too much visual information there? I'm thinking of bring those down to two columns instead of three - If you don't see something that really grabs your attention in ten thumbnails then I'm doing something wrong and an extra 5 is not going to make a diference, right?

I'll also be paring down my index labels, I feel like there is a lot of duplication in my tags and that if you (or I) really want to find something in these archives, having a more general index would be helpful.


Suzanne said...

I love the spring leafiness of the new look. I do find the three columns distracting--it's a bit much.

Virginia Burnett said...

Thanks, Suzane,

I really wanted to try a 3 column blog because I hate all that wasted space on the page. I'll be tweaking it to try and make it less overwhelming. The minis, I think will definitely get smaller.

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