Fail Pass

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Bead Fail!

It was supposed to look like a sea urchin.  Instead it looks like a lumpy pile of badly stitched beads.


But these are cool.  I made them with a cubic right angle weave pattern called "Cactus Drops" by Heather Collin from DreamWeaversStudio.  She sells lots of patterns in her ArtFire shop.  I found this one to be well written and illustrated.  I did a few different things with the embellishments on my little spikes (I never like to do things the way I am told!) - the design is ripe for variations!

I'm having significant trouble getting good photos in my studio lately.  (see how gray and shadowy these are?  yuck!  and that's after tweaking the contrast, highlights and fill light)  The angle of the sun just isn't as good at this time of year and it turns out that I spend the best hour of sunlight with Svenya in the barn every morning.    Attempts to adjust milking time always seem to fail so I've ordered some special studio spotlights so that I can (hopefully) take photos whenever I want or need to.  They should be in this week.

Halloween is coming on waaaay too fast.  Maxx wants to be a Barbary Corsair this year.  I need to make a pair of Sarouelle pants, a long tunic, a turban and a shiny cloak. Nothing too hard but lots of straight seams and hems to sew.  I was worried about cost but then I went through my bins and found a bunch of fabric that was originally supposed to become a quilt for him when he joined our family.  It is all in brick reds and golds and will be perfect paired with the scraps from Molly's golden Zombie Prom prom scene dress.  And I don't have to spend a dime!


Wish me luck.  Maxx very firmly instructed me that I was to start working on it this afternoon just as soon as I return from shopping today.  We had to discuss the chain of command a bit this morning!

Right Angle Weave

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Here's a collection of beautiful RAW sparklies.

I think I need to look into a few of these tutorials.  Love the look of those cactus drops - they've got my brain thinking about all those seed beads stashed in my pantry!

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