Button Hole Stitch - TAST week 2

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We got snowed in this week.

It was wonderful.   Freezing rain started about 4:00 Thursday morning. Bry and the kids got snow days Thursday and Friday on top of this week's MLK day off from school.  A 5 day weekend!

I worked on this week's TAST stitch.

I'm having trouble getting good photos without setting up ALL my lights, which I am too lazy to do today as it would involve cleaning off more of my dye table which would involve confronting more of my bad habits and unfinished projects than I want to admit to today.

In short - this is simply on asymmetrical concentric circles worked in button hole stitch and filled with seed stitch.

I really like seed stitch.

I'm learning to like buttonhole stitch, too.  I've never really felt happy with it before because I didn't know what on earth to do with it.  Sharon always manages to make hers so tidy and nice.

I guess I'm happier with the stitch if I don't feel that I need geometric precision from it.  Once I loosened up my expectations, it was really nice to work with.

Looking for my Groove

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I'm trying to get back into some semblance of productivity.  Last week was so weird.

I did manage to get a few things done.

Some beautiful earrings.  (I really need to find a reliable source for onion cut brios.  I LOVE those litlle droplet beads they are so.... droplety.)  (And those titanium druzys.  Wow.  More, please!)

Experimenting with some more "rugged" designs for Goblin Men.  Tie tacks and cuff links coming sometime soon.  I LOVE that picture Jasper.  And I like the messy look of the heated copper.

And some playing with last week's TAST stitch - Fly stitch.  Simple fly stitch along the border with ribbon rosebuds.

Fly stitch around ribbon rosebuds incorporated into a ribbon stem stitch.  (Which I'm not sure that I like.  I'm not a stem stitch expert yet.)

But I do like the flopsy roses and the stitch supporting the little french knot Lupines is a variation on Fly Stitch.

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