Christmas in July

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O.K.  Time to get moving with this whole new, productive studio dream! 

Today is the last day of YM camp.  Tomorrow I am going to put my husband in the car and we are going to go see what we can do about getting our kitchen finished so that I don't have to share my studio sink with the family anymore.  I am determined to have at least a dishwasher next week!!!  (cross your fingers for me!)

ArtFire is running a big Christmas in July thing this year and I've decided to participate with both of my shops:

Over at LunasBaublebilities (my supply shop)  there is a coupon code available for 15% off everything in my shop.  Use it as often as you like during the month of July.  Molly and I will move dragonflies over there this week so that you can get the 15% off coupon on those easily.  (Right now they are still at GoblinsMarket.)

SAVE 15.00 % On 
All Items
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

At GoblinsMarket there are two coupon codes available.  There's free shipping on all ready to ship items all month long.

Receive free shipping on Select Studio Categories
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

And here's the really exciting one!  All custom order scarves are 20% off all month.  If you know that you want to give a scarf or two (or three or four) for Christmas or a fall birthday - pick them up now at a discount and I will dye them up this summer and have them shipped to you in August.  This sale brings the price of Alchemy scarves and satin devore down to $32.00 and you can get a gorgeous, heirloon quality hand dyed and beaded silk velvet scarf for $120.00   That's practically criminal!!

Visit GoblinsMarket's Studio
SAVE 20.00 % On Select Studio Categories
Use Coupon Code:
during checkout.

I'll post more about these offers through July but really - do take advantage of the custom order sale.  I can't offer this sort of deal during the fall because I'm too busy keeping local galleries stocked to do  lot of custom order work.

Have a shiny day!

Waaay too busy

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It has only been a little crazy here.

You know - broken ankles, new cows and all that.

But it's beautiful. 

These apple trees are done blossoming and have hard little green fruits on them.  This photo of them in the mist really got my gears turning - I'd love to do an embroidery with multiple layers of hand dyed organza for the misty background and thousands of tiny french knots for the blossoms,  maybe when I'm 80 and have time to sit around long enough to get it done!

This Spring Holiday visitor would be fun to embroider, too. 

All that texture!

And those gorgeous golden eyes.


Successful Surgery

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My kiddo has a bionic ankle. 

Well.  She's got some metal in there anyway. 

Home.  Safe and sound sleeping on the couch.

I still need a house elf.

Two Gorgeous Collections

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I woke up this morning to two beautiful collections featuring my earrings.  I love it when that happens!

Finished Choker!

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Remind me to never get a cow and have a teenager break her ankle all in the same week.  My house is a pit thanks to exhaustion & all the extra scurrying about on behalf of the ankle and new livestock. 

I'll catch up one of these days.

Yesterday, instead of washing dishes, I finished the choker that I posted about earlier. 

I think it was a good trade off. 

Brown velvet ribbon forms the base for a short bead edged choker.

I used gold lined matte aqua seed beads for the edging on the ribbon and for parts of the fringe.  Gold lined rainbow aqua 1.5 mm TOHO cubes, permanent finish galvanized gold TOHOs and some brass beads are also found in the fringe. 

Matte Rau Purple TOHO bugle beads in a ladder stitch form the large tubes which are embellished with brass beads, more of those yummy TOHO cubes and some gorgeous Orchid pearls. 

I enjoyed this project so much that I'm planning on ordering a bunch of bugles, small cubes and more interesting 11o beads soon.  I get very frustrated with the cost and selection of TOHOs on the web (and there's nothing locally) so I'm just going to order them wholesale.  They'll land in my shop as soon as I get them here.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you a shout when they arrive!


Oh What Insanity!

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You can read about THE ANKLE INCIDENT and the COW over at the Beorningstead blog.

Things have been a little hectic. 

But I'm working on this yummy project today. 

The purple raku tubes are bugle beads stitched with ladder stitch and secured in a circle - topped with some yummy cubes.  (I'm working on a wholesale order of drool worthy Tohos for later this summer - maybe kits?  classes?)

Brown velvet ribbon will be edged with seed beads - tubes, pearls and brass beads will dangle.  I'm so excited - I think I'll skip the dishes and just play with beads!


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I wish I had more days like this!  It is bright and windy out - a welcome change from the oppressive muggy heat earlier this morning.  While checking my e-mail this morning, I came across this article from BurdaStyle about tassels and was reminded of this wonderful little tassel  that was languishing on my studio shelves, waiting to become part of a finished project. 

So - after taking Molly's sparkley dress down to school for her so she can wear it for her performance of Yellow Brick Road tonight (I understand her back up singers & band will be sporting feathered sunglasses)  and helping Mom & Dad Burnett with babies and wagons and trucks a bit, I came home and finished a necklace incorporating the lonely tassel.

I managed to finish the project, list it on ArtFire and make a collection featuring some other fun tasseled things from my ArtFire peers.  And it is only 2:00.  (And I didn't forget to feed the pigs!)

I seem to like this funky purple and green combination.  I don't know if it will sell, but my eyes like it.

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