Another Blue and Green Collection

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Grainne Helps Out

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She's very cuddly and friendly and . . . . . difficult to photograph silk with.  Luckily the cotton scarves just lie there when she goes by but silk with it's static charge sometimes slithers around or leaps up if she jumps up on the table while I'm photographing something.

And if it moves, she hunts it.

Pesky creature.

Spring Scarves

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Here are some scarves that recently went out to a new home.  I'm trying to get the rest of the photographed and loaded into my shop - I'll do it - when I get a day when I don't have doctor's appointments with sick kids or visits to the accountant. 

Now I have to go get the house in order.   It's a shambles.

. . . . .

Yellow and Orange

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Last one!  Or first - depending on how you're approaching them.  These are new alchemy scarves - Tracy Bloom gets first pick but if you see something you like, I'll make some up for you, too.  You can order a single scarf here:

Alchemy Scarf - Custom Colors!

OR if you need more than 5, we can talk about a wholesale order for you.  I keep wishing I could make a matched set of these for a wedding party - as dress sashes or evening wraps.  Maybe someday!

O.K.  Here are the yellows and oranges!

 Blogger is giving me greif about posting all the photos I want to today.  I have an eye popping Daffodil yellow that was supposed to turn out as a soft gold but yellow is such an aggressive dye.  I will have to order  few more subtle base colors for mixing and experimenting with.  I have 2 of them in regular length.

Bronze/Gold is just what it says it is.  Regular length.  You can see it in the edge of the Citrus Orange photo.

Citrus Orange - very looong, very vibrant.

Peach - regular length, lots of variegation.

Ember - a nice, hot orange with heavy resist lines.

Lengths - Short is 1-1.5 yards
regular length is 2-2.5 yards
long is over 3 yards.  all Alchemy scarves are 36" wide and edged in shimmery Gold textile paint on the non-selvedge edges to prevent fraying


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Blue Mist - a soft, silvery blue, some pink splashes from the grey under layer

Regatta - a nice, watery blue - not too green with a strong headwind

Sky Blue - Perfect for cloud gazing

Aquamarine - for all you mermaids.  One of these is regular length (2 - 2.5 yards) and one is shorter - about 1.5 yards...

Hmmm - Blogger doesn't like my photo of Aquamarine by itself so here they all are in order.


Purples & Grey

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Hyacinth, long and regular  Strangely, the long Hyacinth is has softer variegations in spite of the same treatment as the shorter - just like the Silver Peony in the last post. 

Crocus, regular and short

Cloud Cover - the closest I could come to a true silver.  It has pink splashes - all of the greys have some form of red or fuchsia in them and it's really hard to avoid speckling - especially since I don't blend my dyes mechanically.  I really prefer the magic of hand mixing.


Brown & Pink

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Garden - a soft, rich brown leaning toward orange with subtle variegation

Silver Peony - Loooong scarf flat and on a mannequin.  and a regular sized scarf flat and on a mannequin.  For some reason this one turned out very softly variegated while the regular size of this scarf dyed the same color, bunched the same way in the same baggie of dye as this one turned out with vibrant pink splashes.  It's Alchemy - go figure.

Coral Splash - pretty pink with speckled splashed of brighter coral.  Yummy.



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For Tracy - a series of posts with new colors to choose from. 

Tracy Bloom gets first pick, but if you all see something you can live without just let me know and I'll make it for you, too.

Sage green - flat and on a mannequin.  It is a very soft color and a very looooong scarf.

Underbrush - lots of gold. bronze and brown undertones

Poison Apple - shocking.  With subtle variegation along the resist lines.

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