Yellow and Orange

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Last one!  Or first - depending on how you're approaching them.  These are new alchemy scarves - Tracy Bloom gets first pick but if you see something you like, I'll make some up for you, too.  You can order a single scarf here:

Alchemy Scarf - Custom Colors!

OR if you need more than 5, we can talk about a wholesale order for you.  I keep wishing I could make a matched set of these for a wedding party - as dress sashes or evening wraps.  Maybe someday!

O.K.  Here are the yellows and oranges!

 Blogger is giving me greif about posting all the photos I want to today.  I have an eye popping Daffodil yellow that was supposed to turn out as a soft gold but yellow is such an aggressive dye.  I will have to order  few more subtle base colors for mixing and experimenting with.  I have 2 of them in regular length.

Bronze/Gold is just what it says it is.  Regular length.  You can see it in the edge of the Citrus Orange photo.

Citrus Orange - very looong, very vibrant.

Peach - regular length, lots of variegation.

Ember - a nice, hot orange with heavy resist lines.

Lengths - Short is 1-1.5 yards
regular length is 2-2.5 yards
long is over 3 yards.  all Alchemy scarves are 36" wide and edged in shimmery Gold textile paint on the non-selvedge edges to prevent fraying


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