List All The Colors!

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It is a wild and crazy time for me right now.  Molly's High School production of Pirates of Penzance opens next Friday and I have to have all the costumes ready by Saturday.  (It will be O.K.  I just have to pace myself well.  No long hot baths in the afternoon or eating bon-bons while watching Downton Abbey re-runs.)  Watch for Ruth in act two in a fabby steampunk brocade vest with tails - or maybe just visit me in the asylum opening night.  I just laid out all the pattern pieces last night and am ever so slightly intimidated.

Today I had a lovely customer inquire about my floral bead caps - how many can he get in which colors - that sort of thing.

Oh my dears!  There are so many colors!

I haven't had time to update all of my listings in all of my shops nor have I opened but that is coming soon.  When it does, you will see that all of my enameled brass findings are available in all of these wonderful colors.

Except that I left out Shimmering Denim.  I don;t have a photo for that yet but it is just what it sounds like, a medium dark denim blue with a subtle shimmer much like shimmery Fuchsia.  Very lovely, don't you know.

Here are ALL The Colors!  (The dark green not labeled in the large rainbow photo is Mossy - it is a wonderful woodsy color.)  Smaller photos for better viewing below.

Sadly, I am fresh out of rose links and large dragonflies right now and will probably be out of floral caps soon.  BUT I will be placing a couple of supply orders very soon and guess what?  Angel  wings are coming back!  (Yaaaay!)

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