Springtime Sale

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I've been hibernating for a looong time.   Life is busy and changes are afoot for my online shops.  

More about all of that later.

Here's the thing - the Beornings are taking a road trip this summer.  (Yay!)

I've got about 5 weeks to get us ready, including packing up my studio.  We have a family coming to stay in our home and keep Zig-wiggy and Grainne company while we are gone and they have some extra-small people who might like to eat beads.   So, all the beads and sparklies will get packed during the last week of June and stored in a secure location.

I'd love to have some mad money to buy new beads while I'm away (we might - if we're lucky & frugal) make it all the way to Shipwreck Beads' showroom in Washington!  So, I'm offering everyone a coupon code to my ArtFire Baublebilities shop.  Starting Friday you get 20% of all orders over $30.00 shipping anywhere in the world.  Use the code ROADTRIP at checkout.

Sadly, I am still out of dragonflies.  The lag time on getting those buggers in is maddening.

But I did get new beads and findings recently as you can see and you will start seeing those appear there in the next few days.  (Though I may have to re-photograph them - this background is just not working any magic for me now that I see them loaded up here.)

(And I may have to steal my other daylight lamp back from the chicks - The light isn't quite right with just three.)


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