Finished Choker!

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Remind me to never get a cow and have a teenager break her ankle all in the same week.  My house is a pit thanks to exhaustion & all the extra scurrying about on behalf of the ankle and new livestock. 

I'll catch up one of these days.

Yesterday, instead of washing dishes, I finished the choker that I posted about earlier. 

I think it was a good trade off. 

Brown velvet ribbon forms the base for a short bead edged choker.

I used gold lined matte aqua seed beads for the edging on the ribbon and for parts of the fringe.  Gold lined rainbow aqua 1.5 mm TOHO cubes, permanent finish galvanized gold TOHOs and some brass beads are also found in the fringe. 

Matte Rau Purple TOHO bugle beads in a ladder stitch form the large tubes which are embellished with brass beads, more of those yummy TOHO cubes and some gorgeous Orchid pearls. 

I enjoyed this project so much that I'm planning on ordering a bunch of bugles, small cubes and more interesting 11o beads soon.  I get very frustrated with the cost and selection of TOHOs on the web (and there's nothing locally) so I'm just going to order them wholesale.  They'll land in my shop as soon as I get them here.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you a shout when they arrive!



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