Waaay too busy

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It has only been a little crazy here.

You know - broken ankles, new cows and all that.

But it's beautiful. 

These apple trees are done blossoming and have hard little green fruits on them.  This photo of them in the mist really got my gears turning - I'd love to do an embroidery with multiple layers of hand dyed organza for the misty background and thousands of tiny french knots for the blossoms,  maybe when I'm 80 and have time to sit around long enough to get it done!

This Spring Holiday visitor would be fun to embroider, too. 

All that texture!

And those gorgeous golden eyes.



Barry said...

Wow as you say there has been far too much action in your space. Glad it has settled and hope the bionic ankle is doing well. And of course hope you are finding quite time for creation. Go well. B

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