Button Hole Stitch - TAST week 2

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We got snowed in this week.

It was wonderful.   Freezing rain started about 4:00 Thursday morning. Bry and the kids got snow days Thursday and Friday on top of this week's MLK day off from school.  A 5 day weekend!

I worked on this week's TAST stitch.

I'm having trouble getting good photos without setting up ALL my lights, which I am too lazy to do today as it would involve cleaning off more of my dye table which would involve confronting more of my bad habits and unfinished projects than I want to admit to today.

In short - this is simply on asymmetrical concentric circles worked in button hole stitch and filled with seed stitch.

I really like seed stitch.

I'm learning to like buttonhole stitch, too.  I've never really felt happy with it before because I didn't know what on earth to do with it.  Sharon always manages to make hers so tidy and nice.

I guess I'm happier with the stitch if I don't feel that I need geometric precision from it.  Once I loosened up my expectations, it was really nice to work with.


Cy said...

I love what you did with the button hole stitch here. And the seed stitches are a great addition. The whole thing looks so 3-D. Love the texture it creates. Congrats on a great piece of stitching. <3

bluemuf said...

Your sampler is so amazing. I just love it.


Lynda J. White said...


Anonymous said...

Love your colours and design!

jen said...

Very cool! I love the seed stitches too! ♥

Anonymous said...

You have done a lovely piece with thic buttonhole stitch.

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