Birthdays, Hobbit Gifts and Color Alphabets

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We had a beautiful day yesterday! It was still a bit chilly for May 25th in the North Country, but sunny and bright. Being my husband's birthday, we did our best to ignore all the mess and work around our house and just enjoy the day. We spent the morning marinating chicken and mushrooms, baking cake and enjoying good music together. Then we went for a short paddle on Lake Ozonia, which was blissfully and strangely quiet for a Memorial day weekend. Someone in this family needs to get a camera that can handle a little paddle splatter so that we can take photos when we go out like this. My studio camera is simply too expensive to replace to take out on the water.

Molly, Bry and I really enjoyed being out on the water but Maxx did NOT. He complained the entire time, told us not to go in the deep water and asked to be taken home at least ten times. He had a major meltdown at gramma's about an hour after we got off the water. Meltdowns like the one yesterday are almost always a strong indication that he is procesing some intensely dificult emotional crisis. I often wish that I had a better life-before-Burnett history for Maxx - he is has always been very distressed about water and I wonder if there was some incident in his early months that we are unaware of. He's also having a had time with bug bites - mosquitoes and black fles LOVE him and he has a rather extreme reaction to each bite. So in the summer his whole face looks different because he gets so swollen and he is consistently miserable because his glands work overdrive trying to filter out the irritants. He's home today to rest up and decompress a bit. I'm hoping it works, he was truly miserable yesterday.

One of my favorite parts of the day was getting a late Mother's Day present. I've been wanting a French Butter dish for several years and Bry & Molly surprised me with one yesterday. It is by Keith Phillips who sells over on Etsy. He also has a fun blog. I've been admiring his pottery for a while now.

French Butter dishes work like this - their tops are where the butter is stored. The deep lipped top sits inside the wider bottom crock, which holds an inch or so of water. The water creates an airtight environment for the butter - your butter stays warm and soft and clean.

My butter dish has a very Art Nouveau aesthetic and I love the colors - a very soft aqua blue with teeny smudges of burgundy at some of the edges. They are exactly the colors I want in my new kitchen - assuming that ever actually works out! Now all I need is the matching cookie jar! (Hint hint.)

Another fun thing about our long weekend; we went for a stroll in the woods on Sunday and during our walk Molly and I began an informal color naming competition. We love word games around here and Bryan turned this little competition into a color alphabet game. I quickly discovered that I do poorly trying to categorize colors alphabetically. Obviously I need to work on that skill so it looks like I'll have to compile a color dictionary to practice with.

First color - absinthe. More to come later!


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