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I mentioned in an earlier post how I enjoy working with Polymer Clay but that I have an extreme sensitivity to the stuff - such that I become sick and miserable when I use it. I've been contemplating putting all of my polymer clay stuff - tools, old clay, pasta machine, books, etc . .. up for sale as part of my studio clean up in preparation for moving to the new house but I can't seem to let go.

I am often impressed by the amazing work that some artists are able to achieve with this medium. I love Jennifer Morris' work - her beads look like tiny decorated cakes or miniature embroideries.

And Molly Stanton's fairies are nothing short of incredible. (Molly was one of my very first customers at Goblins' Market - I check in now and then to marvel at her dolls!)

The few dragons I have in my Etsy shop are not among my very best work - those have all sold except for this little guy, who will be staying with me permanantly. But I did enjoy making them until I realized the materials were making me sick. I've been wanting to invetigate an alternative.

I've considered creating true ceramic dragons, but those would be heavy and I don't have a kiln. Someday I will definately give it a try, but not just yet. I also have given some thought to doll maker's air dry clays - probably not sturdy enough for jewelry applications, but they might be fun to paint and glaze.

Last week I was doing some online shopping for the Arts Council's summer arts camps, I stumbled across a new clay that is billed as a non PVC air dry "polymer" clay. I decided to order a package for myself to see how it compares to real PC and if it will be safe for me to use. If it is a good match and truly non-toxic, it would be great to have for children's classes at the Arts Council. I do not like sending kids home with a project that has to be carefully baked in a carefully sealed aluminum package. It's too dangerous and too compliated. I'll let you know how it works, though I have no idea when I'll get to actually try it out!

Aunt Molly requested photos of MB's smushed fingers. So far, this is as colorful as they have gotten. I'm a bit surprised. I completely expected purple bruises and gangrene by now.

They are still a bit sore but MB has stopped taking her narcotic painkillers because she says they take all the pleasure out of reading. (!!)

The fact that all I've had to worry about with Molly Bryn to this point in her life is a reading addiction and a tendency toward minor accidents troubles me a bit. What will happen when she starts dating? Or what will Maxx feel that he has to experiment with because his big sister was so good???

Best not to worry about these things, eh?

So _ should be working my bum off cleaning this house and packing up non-essentials in my studio. We are considering moving all of our junk out of the house except for a few day to day necessities so that we can keep it VERY tidy and get it on the market before summer is over. So I have lots to do in the next few days but what I really want to be doing is playing with this stuff.

The seed beads are for bracelets (and for my shop - they will appear at GoblinsMarket one of these fine days.)

The filigree is going to become a hair ornament. Or maybe a brooch. Or possibly part of a necklace.

Heck - I've got 144 of them. I can try everything I want, given the time! You can also buy one to play with here.

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Molly Bryn said...

It's hard to see in these pictures, but my second knuckle on my middle finger has a dangerous looking slope it's pointy-ish on the left side, and flattens out to a little lower than normal on the right. It's also freakishly mushy and squishy when I touch it. My only real fear is that I can't really feel normally with the pads of these both fingers, they feel kinda like they've gone to sleep or somethin'.

Molly said...

I LOVE the Jennifer Morris stuff. And your dragon is beautiful. You're so talented.

I am a bit disappointed in the color of MB's fingers, though her further description in the comments grossed me out sufficiently.

Kim said...

I love your dragons! And I still feel for MB's fingers, despite the lack of amazing color combos!! Oh, and BTW, what gives me the energy to get out of bed and deal is,... COFFEE and lots of it!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

That is quite tragic about the fingers! Maybe it's the glitter polish that has protected them from changing color. ;-)

Good luck with the packing. Moving is always an exciting and exhausting thing to go through.

Do let us know about whether or not your skin reacts to the air dry clay. That would be good information to know!

Virginia Burnett said...

Hi, Cindy,

I will certainly post my experience with the new clay. It is not so much a sin reaction with me but a hormonal reaction. A serious, dangerous chemical chain reaction that sets my system into manic rage and pre-menstrual Hades. Pretty scary stuff.

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