Gotta get into that new studio

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so I can justify buying some of these.

I stumbled across yarnahoy's shop this morning.

What wonderful fabrics!

I've had lots of little purse designs jumping around in my head for months now but can't get my studio clean enough to try any of them.

In my new studio, I will have a dedicated sewing table so maybe I will be able to actually make some of those little purses.

If they are successful, I will buy some of yarnahoy's gorgeous Indian silk and brocade scraps to make more of them with. Ill add beads and embroidery. They will be beautiful and sparkley and everyone will want them. I will sell them on Etsy and get rich.

I am such a textile dreamer.



Kim said...

Yarn and fabric,... my vices! These are gorgeous pieces! I make a lot of purses and I can see using several of these. I am off to drool!

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