A Dreadful Night

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Our Sunday started out fairly nicely this week. It was a District Conference Meeting so Bryan didn't have to go in for any 8:30 meetings or stay late for Youth meetings or even to process tithing. It was just 10-Noon - in and out - DONE. Oh - how I'm growing to love those Sundays!

So we got a nap in the afternoon and then went to play with our friends, the McKnights for a few hours. Molly elected to stay near home and play with Tabors instead, since they have more teenage boys in their house or something. Bry, Maxx and I stayed a bit too late at McKnights and came home around 11:30 to find Molly Bryn trapped with her fingers crushed in a window. The blasted 200 year double sash windows get stuck sometimes. I had been trying for days to close this particular window to no avail (had even had the thought nagging at me that I should get Bryan to close it - so much for listening to the Spirit, eh?) but it closed up for her all right - right on two of her fingers. Bryan had to saw the sash in half in order to extricate her and we were in the ER until 1:30 this morning getting the fingers checked out. Bry and I were both afraid that the fingers would have to come off - they were alomost completely flat when they came out of the window.

But happily, no bones were broken and the doc thinks that they will heal O.K. - though they will most likely turn a lurid shade of purple before the day is out. The worst part is that she was stuck there for at least half an hour, screaming her head off. She broke the window and the screen with the firplace poker to try and summon help from our neighbors (who live less than 15 yards from that window - I have bolts of silk that I could stretch from that window to their window and at least halfway back again) but either no one heard her or no one bothered to check out the reason for a girl screaming repeatedly for help at 11:00 at night. That's pretty reassuring, isn't it?

So today, I'm giving thanks that she wasn't badly cut when she busted out the window and that she gets to keep her fingers. I also hope to get a nap and to start training Ziggy to "get the phone." Poor Ziggy was almost as distraught as she was when we got home - he hates to see his kids cry.


Kim said...

WOW! Poor girl! If it is any consolation, the same thing happened to me when I was about 14 and they healed absolutely perfectly. Big, old-fashioned, heavy, wood-framed window and it crashed onto my hand, crushing it flat. No broken bones, just a lot of pain. Within a few weeks, except for the pretty colors, you would never have known! I looked like I had a cartoon hand!! ::hugs to you both::

Molly said...

Mom told me about the events of last night when I spoke to her for a few minutes this morning. What an ordeal! I'm glad all ended well, though incredibly painfully, I'm sure. I suggest getting her (and Aunt Chrissy) one of those medic alerts buttons. "I've fallen and I can't get up!

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