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November is National Adoption Month. 

We just voted.  Did anyone have anything to say about adoption?  Not that I'm aware of.  We were all just too busy pointing fingers at each other and assigning blame for economic ills.  It would be nice to have the issues of Adoption and Infertility to come to the forefront of national attention.

In an effort to raise awareness, I'll post a few things about Adoption this months.  To start out, Here's a list of links to some things I have written in the past about our family's experiences with Adoption. 

Here is our rather long adoption saga:

Here's a slice of Toddler Adoption Reality

Here are a couple of posts abut the challenges of parenting an adopted Toddler - one centering on health and one on  . . . shoes.

If everyone were fertile when (and only when)  they wanted to be, Adoption wouldn't be such an important issue.  Here are some posts about Infertility and Secondary Infertility.

And a post about Family.

We are blessed.

 . . . . .


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