Studio Tour and Holiday Sales

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Well, Studio Tour was a bit of a bust.  Which is O.K.  I was still feeling pretty worn out on Saturday and had several coughing fits triggered by trying to speak - the few people who did stop in mostly got to hear me cough.

The up side - we got the house clean.  My mom is a hero.  She has got the same miserable virus that I have been fighting off for a week but she came by on Friday to help me get the mess under control.  My studio looked pretty good in spite of obviously being under construction. 

I got lots of scarves dyed last week and my studio is now in working order so production from here on out should be easier and more fulfilling.  I have a tentative wholesale order for Alchemy scarves - once that customer chooses her colors, I will post the remaining ones up in my shop.  I'm still having lots of trouble photographing velvet scarves.  I might actually have to set up a light tent.

Oh - and today starts my Supply Sale.  From today until the end of the month, all supplies in my Goblins Market shop will be 15% off.  Use the coupon code THANKSGIVING SUPPLIES at checkout.  I'll be adding lots of bead kits and mixes during this time frame for those who want to make handmade gifts for Christmas.  I'll even gift wrap your supplies if you request it - I know lots of people who think beads are awesome things to find in your stocking!


Kim said...

Look at all that light in your studio! Ginny, my love, I am even more jealous! You lucky girl!

Virginia said...

yes! I am very lucky! It is gorgeous in there from about the time Maxx gets on the bus until late afternoon. Now that it is clean and functional I'll be spending a LOT more time in there!

Cait Throop said...

Oh Ginny, I was going to come but I seemed to have pooped out on Saturday and didn't even leave the house! Your studio looks amazing!!! I'm jealous, too! xo

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