Sinus Infection

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wow.  I have not felt this awful in a year.  The timing is horrible.  I was supposed to work today,but considering that I can't even sit up straight or keep my eyes focused or stop the effusion of horribleness coming from - well, suffice it to say that I'm sick and unpleasant about the face today.

The real miracle of all this is that I haven't been this sick in a whole year.

The first three years Maxx lived with us, I was sick more or less like this every 3-6 weeks.  Maybe not this bad every time, but seriously unwell with some viral cocktail or another that the boy mixed up to share with me.  It was bad in pre-K and got much worse in Kindergarten.  In 2009, I think I used twice as many antibiotics as in the whole of my life leading up to that year -

)News Flash - strange shimmering stuff going on at the edges of my field of vision . . . that's new.  Guess I had better call the doc to see if that's related to that junk she gave me to squirt up my nose as soon as they open.)

- Then last year, I caught Swine Flu and suffered the Ear Ache fro Hell and then was . . . . better.  Great, even.  It was as is Swine Flu had cured me of everything.  I started using ProGest in January 2010 as well, and that made a definite difference with my entire endocrine system.  So I've been very healthy for almost a whole year.

And now I realize that I had a darn good reason for gaining 20 pounds, being depressed and unproductive and miserable.  I felt like this all the time.  Hopefully, I will feel better next week.  Hopefully I will  learn someday how to be productive again and keep the house clean-ish again.  In the meantime I'm going to call the doctor and go back to bed.


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