I've been so busy . . . .

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that the Neil Gaiman book I bought last Monday is still sitting on my night stand unopened.

Did you process that?  I have had an unread book - an unread book by Neil Gaiman - sitting practically untouched next to my bed for a week.  (confession - I did read the first page last night before Bry came up to bed.  Maybe I'll get to read some more on the treadmill later this morning.)  (Edit - CAUTION!  I cannot recommend this book to LDS friends and family members.  I love Neil Gaiman's writing and was aware of the fact that some of his short stories are a bit . . . beyond racy.  I still wasn't prepared for what I found in this novel based on the others I have read. - more about that in this post here.)

I have orders to ship today- yay!  I'm trying to upload more beads and brass findings into my shop this week as well as paint more scarves, paint the bathroom and finish a custom jewelry order.  Plus I brought Amelia home to her new studio on Saturday so I can finally photograph some of my new scarves. 

Speaking of scarves - I have a new coupon code for jewelry and scarves - free shipping!  From now until mid- December.



astitchintime said...

I hav books of his to ready, but usually when I get home I plow through it way too fast. I love Neil. I guess it helps that I have no kids. :)

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