Wednesday Wishes - Bugs

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So - Etsy has got a terrible bug right now.  Apparently, for some sales where a buyer purchases items from multiple sellers at one time, only one seller will get paid but they will get paid for ALL the items the buyer purchases.  Not cool.

There's confusion about whether this is an Etsy or a PayPal bug.  I haven't purchased from multiple sellers in a long time so in order to refresh my memory on how the interface works, I went shopping for a few low ticket items from multiple sellers. 

I bought some wonderful seed beads from beadologistkelly who has great TOHOs in new colors and finishes at great prices.  I've purchased from her before and I'm always horribly jealous of the selection of colors, sizes and shapes of seed beads in her shop! 

Then I discovered this shop.

Oooooh how pretty!

I got Maxx a big beetle and I got Molly a Butterfly.  When I ordered it, I thought she might want it for her locker but while in town today, I bought her a stainless water bottle to take to school and maybe she'll want to put it on that instead.

I'm going to have to have this Fairy Door for my studio when I move in.  And maybe a set of dragonflies.  And a Luna Moth for sure.  And maybe a Porthole or two for winter. . . . .

I hope that both Kelly Angeley and Wilson Graphics get paid in a timely manner and that my packages arrive very soon!


beadologist said...

Hi there! It's beadologist Kelly here! Thanks for the nice compliments about my store. :) I didn't have a problem with payment or anything and your package is sitting right here on my desk. I'm on my way to the post office as we speak. That's the first I've heard of this bug and it's rather disconcerting. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly.
Thanks again,

Virginia Burnett said...

Yay! Thank you, Kelly! I love your beads. :) The bug problem seems to be something that crops up now and then rather randomly. Etsy engineers haven't been able to pinpoint it yet.

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