New Colorway and Daisy

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I've been managing to make some actual progress the last few days!  Not sure how long it will last so I'm trying not to get too cocky about it.  :)

Driving home on 11B from one of my many many doctor visits in Malone this winter, I was struck by how incredibly beautiful the sunset is in late winter from that elevation.  Everything has been so grey for so long and then, once a day you get these incredible colors in the sky.

You know me - I wasn't content to let those colors stay up there in the sky.

Adirondack Sunset in ribbons.

I've got threads in this colorway, too. My first experiments with dyeing yarn!

The cotton and cotton/rayon blends are incredible.  Here's a 3 ply gassed, mercerized pima cotton, a cotton/rayon woven tape and a rayon/cotton chenelle.

Silks are likewise incredible - here's a very fine 2 ply silk (lace weight) and a gorgeous, delicate shimmering reeled silk cord.

Wools and wool blends were less dramatic but still lovely - these colors are simply yummy together - pale or intense.  These are a fine merino/bamboo blend, a super fine alpaca lace weight and a heavy wool/mohair worsted.  The bamboo dyed up darker and created a nice heathered look.; wool doesn't really like fiber reactive dye.

And here are more daisies.  These are made with fewer leaves and a slightly different pattern.   I'm getting pretty good at making them up quickly - as long as I don't make my thread too long!  I'm ordering several more colors of dagger beads in order to offer many possibilities for daisies - I love how they look stacked together on a necklace.  I'm developing some beaded spacer beads to string on the chokers between daisies so that they will lie further apart, if desired.

Daisies should show up in LunasBaublebilities soon and Ribbons and yarn over at GoblinsMarket in a few days. 

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