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Tuesday night I taught a Multi-Strand Bracelet class.  It was such a nice class - four very peaceful with excellent color sense women attended.  That's one of the things I love about teaching beading classes - I see so many new ways to put my beads together!  Sadly, I forgot to take photos during the class so I can't show you all the other great color combinations my students made but I brought my bracelet home and managed photos of that.

I've really been drawn to these springy pastels lately.  I've also been thinking about my kindergarten blanket a lot.  I loved that blanket - it was so soft and pretty.  I used it on my bed long after Kindergarten.  I no longer have the blanket because we buried my little cock-a-poo dog, Fluffy, in it many years ago.  She was a wonderful dog who played and protected me all through my childhood and presented me with a litter of mixed ancestry puppies to enjoy every summer.  I know that's not considered cool anymore but it was so wonderful to have puppies to play with as a child and we never seemed to have trouble finding homes for them.  I still wish I could enjoy a big rollicking litter of puppies every year but sadly, our Zig-Wiggy is a eunic and has neither a lady friend nor any idea where puppies come from.

Anyway, I still have the matching pillowcase and I dragged it out this morning to photograph.  Guess what - it contains all of those colors I've been so drawn to lately; pastel greens, purples and pinks.  

I don't know if it is a mid-life thing or if it is because the weather patterns in Far Far Upstate NY have been more "traditional" in the past 18 months than at any other time in the last 20 years, but I have been very nostalgic for the 70's lately.  Don't you love this vintage fabric?  It's so sweet.   If you were clever, you could download one of these photos, crop it and turn it into wallpaper for you computer.  I may do that eventually but today Maxx is pestering for my attention.  The color saturation has been boosted a bit to help bring back some of the original brightness - you can see it on the inside seam where washing scours less color away.   (I discovered that my mom took the same sort of shortcuts I would while making a pillowcase - she used the selvedge as the open edge for the pillowcase - one less seam for a busy working mom to sew.)

Oh - and here are my gorgeous beads from Beadologistkelly.  Drool!  (Again with the pinks and greens!)  I can't wait to play with them - maybe next week.

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