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I can feel it.  Spring is coming.  I am crawling out my trench. 


I was sick again last week - but just for one day and it was such a blissfully complete sickness that I didn't even try to function which is preferable to being marginally sick and incompetent for days on end and trying not to be completely useless.  Maxx missed school because I couldn't even get him ready for the bus.  He watched movies all day and drank juice boxes & ate crackers.  I lay on the couch and slept once I dragged myself out of bed to fix the fire.  It was horrible.  And then it was done.

Saturday several men from Church came to help Bry with wallboard in the bathroom because there was some drama with the Housing Council - which is a post for another day at the Beorningstead.  I'll link there when I get it written.  It has been so wonderful to get so much help with the place.  It is so sweet to flick on a light and remember that Karl, Josh, Heather & Joan helped us with wiring last winter or to turn on the water and remember that Ken, Tom & Irene helped us get the well working again in the dead of winter.  Turn on the fireplace and feel the warmth that Meemo wants us to have and enjoy the skeleton of the hearth  nestled between the beams that Brothers Barker & Nason helped Bry & Ken build.   Not to mention hours of help from Jonathan, Cam, Dale, Greg and just about every priesthood holder in our branch and several from the larger district.  Everywhere I look in our house, I can see and touch manifestations of the love & service of others. 

That helps immensely with the long, hard crawl out of the trench.

Another thing that helps is to have projects with deadlines.  I've got a couple of wholesale orders that need to go out soon.  Good stuff.  And I'm helping sew two costumes for Molly's school production of Zombie Prom.  It is set in the 1950's and they need a couple of prom dresses.  These are Vintage Vogue - this top one is Molly's and the bottom one is for the lead girl.  I was intimidated at first, but the muslin for Molly's bodice came together pretty easily and Vogue's instructuions are pretty thorough and the patterns are well made - I think it's gonna be O.K.  If not - it just has to look good from the back row, right?

And my Sister in Law tagged me for a Stylish Blogger award.  I'll cover the details on that later this week - right now I need to go get my little (now blonde) actress and get ready to deliver her to a YW sleepover.

. . . .


Liesl said...

Make me one too! (Just kidding.) What colors will they be?

Virginia said...

Liesl, I totally want to make myself one - I just need to tone my belly a bit! I could probably be bribed to make one for you for dancing - they would be so fun to tango in. :)

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