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I may get my studio back soon.  It is so much warmer.  20 below tonight with the windchill but up to the 40's by the end of the week.  That's according to Todd Moe - he's got good info.

Yes.  I know it is still February.  But we're half way through and just about done with the bitter cold.

Soon we'll start seeing little red nubs of birch trees and tiny green shoots in the lawn. 

I'm slowly coming out of my rut.  Turning off the computer helps.  A lot.

So did getting out of the house Saturday.  We spent 3 hours with Maxx at the Doctors to find out that he's allergic.  To everything.

Except dogs.

Then we saw the ice castle (I forgot the camera - darnit) and ate junk food and listened to The Promise on the longer than usual car ride through the blizzard.  (Vintage Bruce helped more than I expected, too.) 

It was a good day.

Here's a green collection.


Molly said...

A February thaw was very welcome this year! We are now getting freezing rain, but the break has been delightful!

I gave you blog award. Come on over to collect.

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