Part 1 Done. Mostly.

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So I mentioned in my last post that I am busy sewing dresses for Zombie Prom.  I was worried about Molly's because her dress has a curved, dropped waist and she is very curvy and short waisted herself so I thought it would be wise to sew a muslin before cutting up teh expensive fabric.

Well, muslin wasn't on sale at Joanne Fabrics but quilting cotton was and ended up being about the same price as cheapo muslin so we bought a fun chocolate brown with big white polka dots for her "muslin."  The result is a fun dress she can wear just about anywhere.

I did have to alter the pattern a bit - the neckline is supposed to have another 'ribbon' of fabric around the top of the neck and then a self-fabric facing but I couldn't get them to lie correctly.  My solution?  I left off the neck facing and used the second 'ribbon' thingy as the facing for the neck. Not perfect, but it works.

Here's the almost finished product.  I need to take it in a bit at the waist.  She is soooo skinny around the middle - just like I was once upon a long time ago.

It will look so awesome with her red pumps!

Also - check out the Beorningstead blog for photos of recent bathroom improvements.

P.S.  I forgot to mention that she has gone temporarily blonde.  Her character's name is Ginger and she thought it would be fun to go ginger for the show.  She is liking the blonde but I'm not so much.  It's too orange to look really natural but I think the red will be fun.  (The last photo is bad - she so exhausted from all the dancing they are dong for rehearsal.  This is going to be a very dancy musical - something very different for SLC!)

Now for cutting and sewing the gold and pink fabric for the two "real" prom dresses - one for her and one for the lead, Toffee.


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