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Ug.  I'm still so sick.  Worse today than the last few days.  Blah. 

So I made some Orange juice and  an Orange Collection to cheer myself up.

I really need to get well. 

For February, I will try to make 3 collections a week.  I also need to finish several projects each week.  My inventory is low at the SLC Arts Council gallery and in my ArtFire shop.   I'm moving all of my supplies to LunasBaublebilities on ArtFire - I know!  That's a shift.  The Baublebilities shop will hold . . .  baubles . . .  and the Goblins' Market shop will hold my finished creations and, eventually, some of Molly Bryn's work.  She's doing some pretty funky things with jeans lately.


Barry said...

V-sounds like you guys are doing it tough with winter and illness and lack of studio space.Go well. B

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