Promised Project Photos

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O.K.  First day of school went amazingly well.  Everyone got on the bus without tears or drama and everyone came home alive - tired and over stimulated but alive and well.

Here are some photos of recent projects: 

One measly photo of my teal velvet Tarrot pouch. It really is gorgeous but I don't have a good photo set up here yet and getting a good photo of velvet is hard enough - throw in some matte gold lined aqua seed beads, some disco sparkle carmine roundelles and sweet milky almost-white aqua table cuts and I'm lost.  I'm lucky this one came out as well as it did. 

I'll try again as soon as I've got some lights set up.

Here is my new scissors case.   It has been languishing in my WISP box for a couple of years now but is finally finished.  I got the basic idea from this article, Jennifer Rochester's A Mermaid's Chatelaine from the Embroiderer's Guild.  Obviously, I strayed from the suggested color theme a bit. 

I didn't follow the directions very well and I don't intend to complete the entire Chatelaine but I love the little scissors case and I'm currently working on a cover for a needle book using the  techniques from the scissors case.  I will use a nice, thick flannel for my needle pages and the same lightweight linen/cotton blend as the scissors case for the decorative cover. 

Can you tell that I really love French Knots?  I just discovered that I like seed stitch, as well.  Don't know why I avoided it for so long.

Off to make dinner - whatever that turns out to be!

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