Every Day There's Something New!

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Every time I log into ArtFire lately there is some new tool.  The awesome thing is that the new tools are not only shiny but also functional and wonderful.  This is a big, happy surprise for me after the trauma of etsy.

Recently they created a collection tool, much like an Etsy Treasury, ArtFire members can make a collection of their favorite things to show off in the ArtFire collection section.  I never got to make an Etsy Treasury - it was so complicated and for most of my time on Etsy, the opportunity to make a treasury was based on a first come first served basis so you had to find out when an old treasury was expiring and hover near your computer trying to grab that spot as soon as it was available.  Sorry.  My time is too valuable for that.
The tool I found yesterday is the collection widget.  ArtFire's front page will soon  be made up of member curated collections so they are encouraging members to create collections of our favorite things to be considered for the Front Page exposure.  How exciting!!!

They have also created a widget tool that allows us to create a widget for our blogs with three little button clicks so we can easily share them with the world in a way that allows readers to click right through to ArtFire shops.

How cool!

There's one here in my sidebar now that I will update frequently and let's see if I can put on right here in this post . . . .


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