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Here are a few quick photos of things I've been working on recently

I got these wonderful bead caps a month or so ago and they just didn't work for any of the beads I have in stock.  Too shallow for my briolettes, too wide for any of my rounds, too small for some of the bigger beads I have . . .   But they make great tassel tops!

I've got another project in the works with coral beads and flaming red silk thread but that will have to wait a few more days.   Hand dyeing the silk thread was fun, too and I was a bit dismayed to discover how much thread I needed to use to make a fat enough tassel for thislittle bead cap.

And here are some alchemy scarves I did up as a custom wholesale order.  My customer wanted autumn colors so I dyed up some flaming warms, some thistley & plummy purples and some vibrant skies.  I'll be ironing and edging these later today and have them ready to ship tomorrow.  I've really been enjoying making this custom order, experimenting with new colors and combinations to capture some of the colors of autumn.  I'll post finished photos later this week so you can see the color shifts a little better, the wrinkling and crinkling  disguises the depth of color in each scarf.


Velma said...

love this rainbow.

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