Lost in Stockholm

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Why am I always the sucker?

This little guy spent an hour or so with me this morning.  He had been wandering around for several hours when I decided that I needed to check his temperment and lure him in before he got hit in the road.

He proved to be very sweet but skittish and likes to pee in the house.   So we waited in Zig-wiggy's yard for the animal control officer.  She said he is a blue heeler and he is being taken to the Potsdam Humane Society.

He must have been lost or a drop off.   When we leashed him, he flipped out - cried and yelped and snarled a bit and did not want to get in the truck.  He looks young and fairly healthy and well fed - he will need a good home with someone gentle and patient.  Hope he finds one.


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