Dragonflies are on their Way!

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I've been out of large Dragonflies all summer but yesterday, I got a call from the manufacturer to let me know that they had finished a new production run and that my pretties were on their way.  They should be in any day now so Molly Bryn and I will soon be happily coloring in those gorgeous bejeweled wings!  All dragonflies and other colored enamel items can be found in the Dragonflies, etc section in my ArtFire shop.

I was thinking this morning that I need to do some serious re-vamping of my ArtFire shop in the coming weeks since that will be my only online shop until I manage to get a website up and running.  One thing that is really wonderful about ArtFire is that you can include up to 10 photos for each item.  So for my dragonfly assortments, I will now be able to include several "color cards", much like Deborah and Laura do over at Flights of Whimsey for their 10 oz roving samplers  or like BenzieBazaar uses for her felt assortments.  (Both of these products are wonderful wool, by the way.  I've been using them to make some funky faux warring states beads to put on my Pandora bracelet.  More on that later - no photos yet.)  This is something that I have really wanted to do for a long time but couldn't because I was limited by the fact that Etsy only allows 5 photos and I will need at least 4 extra photos as color cards - maybe more.

 So I have a growing list of changes and improvements to make in my ArtFire shop and some serious thinking to do about how to encourage my former customers to shop there now that I have left Etsy.

I've also been thinking about color - I really need a pale purple dragonfly color.  Sadly, Amethyst is the only transparent purple I can get my hands on and it is DARK!   I'll probably be doing some creative mixing and testing in the next few weeks.

I have some fun photos to upload of new projects I've been working on - my boy and his new hat and a few other things but right now I have to go tend to a new batch of alchemy scarves.   Maybe by Friday I will be ready to post again.


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