2010 Relief Society Canoe Outing

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Last Saturday, my mother-in-law, our District Relief Society President, organized a Canoe Outing at Church Pond for the women of the district.  Lots of people were skeptical about how well attended such an event would be, as our women's group had never done anything like this before so mom was stressed about the whole thing for weeks - no, months - before hand.
Happily, it was a beautiful day and almost all of the women who indicated interest were able to attend.  I took a few photos - mostly of trees and water since it is pretty hard to get photos of people when they are 400 feet away in a canoe.  I did get some great photos of everyone rafted up as Bry gave some basic paddling instruction.
You can see the rest of the photos here in my box.  If you were there that day, feel free to download them, share them with friends and family, etc . . .

P.S.  If you have photos of the day that you would like to put in the box with mine, drop me a line with your e-mail address and I will send you a collaborator link to the folder.  Box.net is so awesome that way.


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