100 Faces of Maxx

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100 Day is this week at Maxx's school and Maxx had to make a 100's day project consisting of a collection of 100 things. 

Maxx is a particularly wishy washy child.  He can't make a clear decision and communicate about it to save his life.  He wanted 100 soldiers, 100 dinosaurs, 100 swords, 100 beads - he changed his mind every day at least once and every other choice would have been disallowed by the school's 0 tolerance policy towards violence (no toy soldiers unless you cut off their guns, no swords, etc . . . )

The other day Molly suggested that we make a book of 100 faces of Maxx.  "Ya, right, I said.  Can he even make 100 faces for the camera?"  But before I could finish my sentence, he had pulled at least 30 amazingly distinct and hysterical funny faces. 

The boy is a ham. 

The problem with this project was not in getting faces but catching them quickly enough.  He's got a great face - surprisingly elastic and sooooo cute.  I think we'll need at least 100 more.

. . . . .


Gabester said...

what a great idea! Beats the 100 apple jacks in a cereal bag Cajsa just took to school!

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