Finding Jewelry Tools

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More and more lately, I have people ask me to punch a hole in the brass charms they buy from me or ask me how they can punch their own holes in charms they get from my shop and others.  I can easily punch holes in my brass charms because I have a nifty hole punching tool.  If people want to buy their own nifty hole punching tool, I always send them over to matsbeads on Etsy.   

m.a.t.'s beads is a real life bead shop in Vestal, NY that also operates a respectable Etsy shop.  I've never shopped there but they have an Excellent feedback rating and I've been browsing their tools and cord inventory a lot lately.  Most of the tools I need, I can get for a little less money, considering the high volume orders that I place from my bead suppliers, many of whom also sell tools.  But matsbeads' prices are great for someone who doesn't want to order $300 worth of beads to get a slightly better price on a tool or who isn't eligible for a wholesale account because they don't have a tax ID yet.  They also have a respectable selection of tools, including the hole punch, metal stamps, pliers, wire working gizmos, mandrels, kumihimo plates,anvils and hammers, etc . . . 

And their selection of beading cord is excellent - lots of colors, types and thicknesses.  Everything from natural silk thread for pearl stringing to Nymo and C-Lon for beadwork to thicker C-Lon for macrame or kumihimo.  Not to mention a pretty respectable selection of firepolished czech glass beads, some very interesting metal spacer and accent beads and some ceramic tools. 

Nifty stuff.  If you need some tools or cord, go check them out!

Oh - and if you need tiny dragonflies, little scarabs or rosy rose links in either plain brass, patina or glorious enamel colors, stop over at one of the  Goblins' Markets.  I just got a new shipment of these supplies in yesterday.  Yay!

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