We've Been Gyped

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What a crummy vacation.  On one level, it has been very nice to be cooped up in the house together as a family, watching movies, playing games and just generally resting.  On the other hand - the weather has been beautiful and we haven't been able to go out and play in it, the Beorningstead is just sitting there waiting to get water and walls and countertops and appliances, Maxx has had a bad case of cabin fever and even the dog is bored.

Bryan has a terrible case of bronchitis.  He's on his 3rd round of antibiotics since sinus surgery in January and he feels miserable.  We've been married close to 20 years and I've never seen him as sick as he has been this winter. 

I have been mostly healthy since the beginning of the year but at some point after By's surgery, I scorched my face trying to get a big log into the woodstove.  My face was sore for a few days and then started getting better but that little event set off an eczema attack.  I suspect that after my health challenges this fall which included three rounds of antibiotics (Remember swine flu and that horrible ear infection from the 9th circle of hell?) my system, including my skin, has been lacking all of its normal healthy flora and that little scorching opened up some opportunities for a yeast or fungus or something that is causing a lot of aggravation around my eyes and forehead. 

Or it could be just lingering irritation.  I had a little patch of eczema behind my ear for two years after I dyed my hair black for Maxx.  It is February with a woodstove around here -a difficult circumstance for all kinds of skin.  With all of our stress around here, it;s no wonder my body& soul are shouting  "Enough!  Take care of you for a minute!"

I could go the the doctor.  She would give me steriods which would help for a while.  I don't want any steroids.  I don't want any more Big Pharma right now at all. 

I know, I may be being unreasonable.  I tried using a masque of yogurt (Stonyfield farms) and honey this afternoon - which felt divine and really calmed things down a lot.  After my shower, I mixed up a batch of skin cream consisting of shea butter, rose water & grapeseed oil with a few drops each of geranium, lemongrass, tee tree and eucalyptus oil mixed in.  There's some itching going on right now but not nearly as bad as this morning.  The shea butter is so soft and smooth and the essential oils & rose water are all good for sin inflammation and gentle antiseptic action.  I'll probably try another yogurt masque before bed.  Might even sleep with it on.

I'm looking forward to more peaceful skin and a healthier family next week.  In the meantime, I'm working on another glorious silk velvet beaded scarf.  I'll post photos next time.  In the meantime - enjoy another photo of Maxx in the tub.  He's so cute!  And smells good when clean.  :)

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