A Bad case of the Blahs

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Well, what do we expect?  It is February, after all.  Winter has been here a long time and will be here for about 8 more weeks - if we're lucky. 

The weather has warmed up a bit but has been pretty uninspiring - overcast, occasional light flurries, temperature hovering between 10 and 20 degrees F. 

No dazzling displays of sunshine on freshly fallen snow. 

No awe-inspiring blizzards, no soul awakening thaw, no snow days off from school, no starry crystalline nights.

Just winter. 

Just old snow and road dirt. 

Just an intimidatingly large woodpile.  (Which I will admit, is much better than an intimidatingly small woodpile in February.) 

To soon to start Tomatoes.  Too late to work on Valentine projects.

At least I've got some Rackham.  I found this lovely book Once Upon a Time; The Fairy Tale World of Arthur Rackham at the downtown Potsdam "branch" of the Birchbark bookshop above White's Hardware. It was significantly less that some Amazon sellers are offering it at (10 bucks!!) is in perfect vintage condition and it is full of lovely full page illustrations of many of his less well known titles.  If you are suffering a bad case of the blahs, I suggest you go spend an hour or so at one of the Birchbark locations or a used book seller near you.  Take your time, get lost in the shelves.  You're not missing much outside right now.

Now I think I will build the fire (again) and then go upstairs to build some jewelry.  Maxx has a friend coming after school today so I'll do housework downstairs when they get home - maybe - and work in my studio today.  I cleaned it last week and moved all of my dyeing bins and materials downstairs.  Now I can actually move around upstairs!

Being upstairs will help me stay out of the kitchen, too.  I backslid a bit the last two weeks.  PMS + cabin fever + sick hubby + lousy weather = difficulty making good food choices.  I gained back a pound of the 4 I had lost over January.  But my inches continue to go down.  I'm not formally exercising right now, but with Bry out of commission and MB back in school, I'm hauling a lot more wood around. That counts for a few extra burned calories and some weight work, too.

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Anonymous said...

courage, Camille, all is not lost! March will be upon us before you know it. Hopefully, tenure will be upon ME by the end of that month and a job will still be in place for me in June. Fingers crossed and trying not to stress about it. (hah, right)okay, admittedly TRYING not to.

Dalla said...

Out of the purchases I've gift wrapped at the Arts Council in the last couple of days, most customers have selected the Monet-style bright spring flower wrapping paper. Not a coincidence! Everyone is looking forward to Spring.

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