Not a Snow Day

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When I was a kid, this would have been a snow day.   If the school Superintendent didn't make the right call on that, my mom would have kept us home anyway.  She would have made oatmeal for breakfast (with cinnamon and lots of sugar) and would have sent us outside to skate on the thaw pond or slide in the clearing.  She would have made hot cocoa when we came back in.


 Sadly, there's no good place to slide or skate nearby so I sent my kids to school today.  Meemo was much cooler than I am, I'm afraid.

My Grandpa Weston called this kind of snow "sugar snow" because he said that it makes the sap run.  Grandpa was a master syrup maker.  While I've had lots of good maple syrup in the last couple of decades, I've not found any that compares to his.  Maybe someday I'll build myself a sugar house and give it a try.

 I find myself wishing I had a pair of snowshoes and a good outdoor camera today.  It is pretty outside but also very wet and the Konica is the only camera that works.  That's my studio camera and it is such a baby that even the thought of humidity breaks it.  All of these photos are taken from inside the house, porch or woodshed - can't let it get dribbled or snowed on AT ALL.  We're pinching pennies to save for a Cannon Powershot for the family- they are small & portable, supposed to be waterproof, rugged and work in extreme temperatures but they are pricey.  It seems unreasonable to buy one on our current austerity budget until we have a day like this when I would like to go out and get pics of Maxx and Ziggy playing in the snow.

A couple more orders for custom velvet scarves would cover it!   I'll have to put an option for custom velvet luxury scarves in my shops.  They are a bit pricey but they make such wonderful gifts for a significant occasion and I am willing to barter.  The last two that I've made have been happy bartering deals.

Here are the promised pictures of the one I've been working on this week.  A very lucky young lady will be getting this tonight.  I'm loving it.

The purple is highly variegated and really simmers when it moves.  I started the beaded edging in a soft, sliver lined pink but that didn't feel dramatic enough to me.  The young woman this is intended for is classy, extremely talented, well mannered and has a lot of spunk.  She loves lime green.  I felt like the scarf needed a bit more playful drama to suit her personality and then I remembered these lime green window cuts.

I left the pink edging and gradually changed to some very pretty purple silver lined AB beads.  The dangles have the pink seed beads, a 4mm fire polished purple seed bead and a yummy lime green picasso lined window cut.  The fringe is a bit heavier than most of my fringes because the window cuts are quite substantial but the velvet itself is heavy and rich enough to carry it.  The windows also rattle or clatter a bit when the scarf is shaken, which I think is cool.  Interestingly, the combination of purple and lime green makes the pink beads look almost golden.

Yummy!  And the colors are wonderful for a late February birthday - rich and warm with the promise of a greening spring.

Time to go do that other edge!

. . . . .


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