Studio Tour!

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Every year this happens to me - or rather I allow it to happen to me. Studio Tour comes rushing up over my horizon and I panic because I'm not ready. I have an entire year to get ready for it but I never seem to be able to get it together. I'm like a last minute Christmas shopper or a 7:00 am Easter Bunny. Not quite enough time to get it all done well.

So. I'm unplugging the internet this morning and NOT plugging it back in until I'm completely packed and ready. Next week you'll get to see my tutorial on dyeing scarves. Plus photos of Maxx in his Halloween costume that I spent a whole day making only to have him argue about wearing it. Plus photos of Molly's Fortune Teller/Candy booth she set up in our entry way for Trick or Treaters - all 5 of them.

I will also be adding new inventory to both of my online shops next week - scarves, new colors of silk ribbon and cord, new filigree findings, new earrings and jewelry kits, silk fusion kits . . .

Now I have to go rinse out some scarves, see how many of them I've ruined - only two bad eggs so far - dye a few more this morning, make tags for everything,print business cards, make signage for my displays, decide what supplies are going with me, edge some new alchemy scarves, prepare my neckerchiefs and silk painting demo tools and try to finish a beading project or two before Friday morning. Whew!

Come see me at the Arts Council. It will be fun. Radmilla Zuman will also be there - she makes amazing lace work. Hilary will have some of her bead work there and we have an incredible gallery show of Valerie Patterson's wonderful paintings.

While you are at it - go see the rest of the artists participating in Studio Tour. Gas prices are lowish! Christmas is coming! Real Artists will show you haw they make art! Go here for a brochure.


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