Thanksgiving already?

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Today is so full of stuff to do, I have no idea how I will get it all done. Lately, it is becoming difficult to avoid despair and despondency when I look about me and see just how much I have to do. It is truly amazing.

But this morning, I had a major accomplishment. I processed 75 photos - ready for posting in my shops - in less than 90 minutes! I love it when I get all the settings right and the white balance adjusted properly on my camera. It saves me so much adjustment time at the computer. Sometimes I think I should buy a cheapo digital camera to use around the house and ONLY use my Dimage in the studio so that I never have to fuss with the settings.

Last night I shot new photos for some of my old earrings and got some of my new beads ready to post. They are truly gorgeous! The last time I got a new box of beads, I went up to my studio to put them away and take photos of them and I realized that I felt happy in a way that I haven't felt since childhood. My imagination was on overdrive creating new ideas for adornment and my eyes and ears were enjoying the sparkle and tinkle of the beads. I love that my new shop allows me the luxury of buying just about any beads I wan and creating all kinds of other adornment related goodies. I play with the ones I need and sell the rest.

That blissful enjoyment of playing with my beads as I put them away led me to put together two mixes of beads. : Fantabulous Blues and The Fantabulous Warm Mix. they both include gorgeous Czech glass rounds and spacers with incredible finishes and cultured freshwater pearls in various shapes and colors. These mixes might just allow another bead addict to enjoy a dazzling assortment of beads without a staggering price tag.

The Fantabulous Blue Mix inspired me to start working on a choker made of a coiled rolled silk cord with various baubles sewn onto it. So far, it isn't really turning out the way I want it to so I may have to take everything apart and start over - but the basic design idea is that of a jewel encrusted rope. It should have lots of drape, be very sparkly and it shouldn't matter which side is up or down or against your neck. I think the problem I'm struggling with right now is the fact that I've put a few very large opalite beads on to dangle near the middle of the necklace. While they are very pretty, I think they are subverting the original concept. I'm not looking for a pendant with symetry, I'm looking for something much more organic. I'll post more photos as it comes along - the Thanksgiving madness should give me some time to be away from this computer and actually work on something. :)
Now I need to go wash some laundry, post more scarves in my store, wash the dishes, clean the living room and kitchen, put some bread in the machine, exercize, take a shower, order scarves for the Scarf Painting workshop next weekend, Pay the mortgage, direct Molly's homeschool efforts, fold laundry (so that it can sit in baskets being churned through twice a day for three weeks when I get another chance to re-fold everyone's laundry), vaccum the hearth, clean the study and find time to feed my family a couple more times today.

Can I just go back to bed?


Bluewater Studio said...

... Lovely earrings, I think I recognize a few fave beads in those!!! xoxo Sab

Virginia Burnett said...

Yes, Sabine! Half of this madness is all your fault! LOL!


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