Angel Wings!

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The end of last week really fell apart on me. I was breathing through both sides of my sinuses for the first time in two weeks but still not sleeping well and feeling very worn out after Studio Tour. I didn't accomplish much at all besides enameling these beauties. I've posted the minty pair and the amethyst pair at Goblins' Market this morning, the others will go up later.

I wish I thought I was going to have time to play with them myself but I probably won't get to do that 'till after Christmas. I am imagining them as Art doll Angel and Fairy wings and as embellishments on a tiara.

I am determined to try creating a tiara soon. I have ordered a bunch of new pearls and plan to order some heavy gauge brass wire today or tomorrow to use as the base. The price of sterling wire has always deterred me from making tiaras in the past but with this new steampunk movement, a brass tiara would probably find an appropriate market. I'm picturing something with a dark patina on the brass, maybe even a hint of verdegris, with lots of glistening pearls, crystals and a dragonfly or set of wings to add lift. I'll be sure to take lots of photos of the process when I get around to it!

Now I have to go clean house and pay bills. Maybe that would be more fun if I had a tiara to wear whilst sweeping and dusting.


Bluewater Studio said...

OMG!!! Virgina, these are beautiful, no kidding, I love what you have done with them!!! I want to get into metals myself and color metals... I have a ton of enamel that is used for Lampworking, is that the same enamels for metals, I wonder, probably different. WOW... you are going to sell them? I bet you will have great success with these beauties, colored metals are TOTALLY HOT right now... xoxo Sabine

I can't get over the detail on these stampings!!! Fabulous quality. I am going to find a supplier... I think I have one already, just have not ventured into buying any... :):)

Virginia Burnett said...

Hi, Sabine! They were so beautiful without the color, I was very reluctant to add the enamel but once it was on there - wow! Totally amazing.

I use a specialized enamel paint for the work I'm doing because I'm not set up for traditional glass enamel yet. I'm also not sure that the brass would stand up to that level of heat, either - if I cure them too long, or at too high a temperature, the brass almost turns black. Which can also be cool..

I do know that Rio sells enamels for metalwork - use on copper, PMC, etc. I drool over that page every time I open the catalog!

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