Potatoes and Pearls!

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Big ones Small ones and Some as Big as your head!

This potato made a really yummy soup.

It came from our garden - the biggest, lumpiest, bumpiest potato I've ever seen!

I got new beads today - including some beautiful pearls!

Photos for scarves are processed and ready to appear on Etsy Monday. I'm amazed at how difficult it is to get good photos of these satin and velvet scarves. Just trust me when I say that they are a thousand times more wonderful in person. ;)


Bluewater Studio said...

... potato, my favorite food. If I was ever asked!! LOL On a weight mnt. program years ago, I had to give up my beloved potato, because they go directly to fat for me. It was rough, I LOVE MY POTATO's. lol Since that time, I have started eating them again, and YUP, time to cut them back out of my life, but, NOT until after the holiday!! xoxo That potato IS one of the bumpiest I have seen, lol xoxo, Sab

Virginia Burnett said...


Have you tried Purple potatoes? We grew a bunch of them this year because they are higher in nutritional value than regular white potatoes. They taste just about the same - maybe a teeny bit sweeter and more substantial - and they still make a great vehicle for butter. They look a little strange in soups and would probably look awful in Bubble & Squeak, but they are really pretty all mashed up. Even Maxx will eat them.

It might help your conscience about keeping them in your diet if you knew they had a few more vitamins in there. :)

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