Another Treasury!

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I am always so pleased and grateful when someone chooses one of my items to feature in a treasury.

Today, I got a convo from Vicki of vsilcoxdesigns to let me know that she put my Caged Chalcedony earrings in a treasury.

And what a treasury it is!

Vicki makes beautiful painted glassware. If I dared to have glassware in my house, I would probably have to buy some! I really love that handpainted torcherie lamp shade.

Among the other treasury items, I particularly like the Golden Nightengale cuff by arttoweardiva. Not only is it beautiful, it also gives me ideas about how to use some of the gorgeous fabric I have lying around in my studio. I simply don't have time to sew up vests and dresses and purses right now - but I do love to have a small project to work on that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time, is portable and can include beadwork, fancy trims, embroidery and all manner of decorative fabric finishes. I may have to try some cuffs of my own this winter.

Arttowear has lots of other beautiful cuffs in her shop as well as this magnificent bag.

Also, as I was poking around in yellowplum's shop, I saw these very sweet and clever prayer wheel earrings. I know how to do that stitch in beadwork - it is simple but requires some attention to get the tension right so that the beads line up well in a neat cylinder. I just love seeing those little beaded tubes paired with those elegant sterling bead caps. Her stitching and finishing are very tidy and precise and it looks like all of her jewelry is crafted with the same level of care. Her prices are great, too!

Well, I have a Halloween costume to whip together this morning and scarves to paint all day so I had better run. My thanks to vsilcoxdesigns for tempting me to spend a little more time than usual in Etsy-world this morning. I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things in that treasury!


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