Autumn in my Yard

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The last few days have been so glorious!

This tree is the reason I bought this house. Perfect for swinging.

Looking Up.

Looking into the canopy.

One perfect leaf.

Our French Intensive Double Dug garden bed - potatoes all removed and ready for the winter.

Friends had helped me remove the potatoes from this bed back when we had our work party. We ended up with a 5 gallon pail full and then some. They thought it was a good yield but I was a little disappointed - it just didn't look like enough. When we started getting this bed ready for winter - guess what - no one had dug deep enough. There were at least Twice as many tubers left in that dirt! And what wonderful dirt it is! What a miracle these double dug beds are. Bat and horse poo and some well rotted hay helped quite a bit, too!

Maxx loves to use the hose.

Daddy is lucky he didn't get wet.


fookaDESIGNS said...

so pretty! i wish my trees looked like that :)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Nice job, guys...the trees look divine! Yay for fall!

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