Molly's Christmas Blog & Holiday Gift making

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My amazing Sister-in-Law, Molly, has opened a Christmas themed blog for the holidays. You really should go check it out. Gingerbread and Candy Canes is full of recipes and descriptions of our family's holiday traditions.

Molly really does do all of these things she describes on her blog, but I'm not sure how she manages it. She has 5 children ranging in age from 9 to 1 and she is on the go all the time - exercise classes for her, dance classes for the girls, pre-K for her 4 year old, two little ones at home, doctors appts. Church activities, etc .. etc . . . and she still finds time to decorate to the 9s for holidays, run two interesting blogs and cook up all these great treats and traditions. To top it all off, she's skinny and fit!

Here's a photo of our 4 year olds atop Mt. Azure this summer. Don't they look like they belong in an Indie rock band together?

When I start feeling down on myself for not having the same amazing Holiday festivities for my kids that she does for hers, I remind myself that Molly doesn't have her holidays season filled with freshly dyed silk dripping from every possible hanging surface in the house. :) My kids get Christmas presents only because Mom has silk dripping and beads spilling from every corner of every room for the whole of October and November!

I probably won't have to feel too badly about this for long. I think my homeschooler might be ready to take on some of these recipes herself this year. Good thing she's got an Aunt Molly to inspire her.

Speaking of dripping silk - expect a tutorial on using Procion fiber reactive dyes to paint silk velvet & satin devore (burn out pattern) scarves in a few days. I will also be offering a workshop on painting silk scarves as a holiday benefit for the St. Lawrence County Arts Council on December 6th. This will be an excellent opportunity for people to try the process without having to buy all of their own supplies. The basic participation fee will be $15.00 and goes straight to the Arts Council. Supplies will cost $12.00 per scarf, participants may dye up to 3 scarves. Registration deadline is November 18th.

I really shouldn't tell people this but - this workshop is a great opportunity to make awesome holiday gifts for friends and family at a very low cost. If you do all three scarves, each one will only cost $17.00. If you buy them from me, these scarves would cost $35 to $40 each. Keep your eyes open for my tutorial if you want to know what you're paying me for when you buy a scarf!


Bluewater Studio, LLC said...

Your scarves are LOVELY!!! Especially the blue one in your blog!!! I hear you about having so much going on, and wondering how others do it... the more we have to do, the more we do? lol I often wonder how I used to do it "all". I no longer can "do it all"... and I am no longer beating myself up for it... LOL It's not easy!! LOL I heart you... xoxo Sab. You should make an ebook on your scarves for Etsy, I have noticed other sellers (ie Lampwork Artists) selling e-books on how to make specific glass beads, and they are selling well) xoxo

Virginia Burnett said...

Thanks, Sabine! I really love the dyeing process - the best part is when you dump the silk out of the batching roll and discover what magical things have happened overnight. Right now I have some pink & gold ones drying in the living room that are just so gorgeous I don't want to ever stash them away in my storage space. Tonight I need to try to get some Purple/Aquamarine ones done. :)

I'll have to do some research on that e-book thing. I have a section at GoblinsMarket for kits and that is something that could certainly make a good kit.

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