Halloween sickies

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I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend.  This is the 3rd Sunday in October when I have felt lousy.  I'm going to end up on the 'watch list' for our branch - seriously.  I considered going to church today but since my throat hurts when I breathe, speak or swallow, I thought it would be kinder to everyone else to stay home and keep my coughing Maxx home, too.

Hopefully, my body will take advantage of the rest and I'll be back on my feet tomorrow.

I got to use my dye table for silk painting yesterday.   It was wonderful.  It still needs some tweaks - like a few pull out trays for balancing my dye tray on while painting and it would be nice to get the wall behind it painted so it doesn't look so much like a low budget garage but it is generally functional and it makes me happy.  The halogen lights do make the dye dry faster but not so fast that salt effects stop working - just fast enough that I can work a bit faster.  In the past I have always had to either leave the silk on the stretcher until teh dye dried or try to carefully remove the wet silk and hang it where nothing would touch it while it dried.   hat could take hours and I ruined a few scarves trying to move them.  Last night, scarves were dry within 10 minutes of completion.  Awesome.

I also unrolled my foam floor mat yesterday since I was on my feet all day at the dye table.  It also makes a real difference in how tired my legs get.  Now I just need to decide whether or not to secure it there and how.

You know what else is awesome?  Molly Bryn finally figured out that camera angle makes all the difference.  Change the angle - mom looses 20 pounds!  I don't know why everyone else usually wants to photograph my jowls.


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