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Studio Tour is coming! 

I have approximately 6 working days to get ready.  With a beading party thrown in this Friday.  And a Halloween costume to make tonight.

The house is a disaster.  I have two weeks of laundry piled hither and tither.  (A washing machine is coming today!  But not a drier - we need to make sure that we can afford all the other critical construction materials before we buy a drier.)

What was I thinking?

I feel a bit like Kermit the Frog backstage as the show is falling apart.  Aaaaahh!   The Muppets always manage to pull it off, will I?

Time to go clean a spot for said washer, prime the bathroom, make some more sparklies and dye some more silk.  Oh - but first I have to wash the dishes because I can't get to my blasted studio sink because my teenager seems to be completely incapable of washing a dish. 

Cue manic screaming and and flapping of arms.


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