I Will Reduce my Risk . . .

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This has been a poignant month. 

My girlfriends and I at Church learned that a dear friend who moved away a few years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago.  She lives far away and we can't take her out for chocolate or help her keep her house clean and her family fed while she goes through whatever treatments are in store for her.  That's particularly frustrating and painful for all of us.

My Aunt Di, thankfully, is still in remission.

The SLC Arts Council is currently running a memorial exhibit of the quilts and textile art of Lorre Belt, who recently lost her life to breast cancer.  Every Thursday, I walk into work and am surrounded by the work of a sister artist who I never met but whose spirit was so strong that she left significant energy in every piece of fiber she touched.  The first week the show was up, I found myself wandering around the gallery touching everything - sweaters, penny rugs, quilts, socks, felt applique work . . . - in spite of my inner conservationist's strident protests.  Some of her work is unfinished.  Seeing it makes me think about the huge jumble of things - art projects, construction and decorating plans, children & family - that I would have to leave behind if I were called home early.

I will be 41 in a couple of months.  I'm carrying far too much weight which raises my risk factors for cancers and heart disease.  Photos from our weekend visit to the mountains high lighetd that fact for me - my Weston jowls have completely taken over my face! 

There's a lot that I do not want to leave behind early.  While I can't control all the events of my life, it is high time that I start controlling a few more of my risk factors.  I've been successful with managing my endometriosis in the past and  I need to translate that success to managing my diet and weight a little better again.  I seem to be past the constantly sick and/or broken phase of my life as Maxx's Mommy.  I'd like to fit into my awesome brocade pants again for the holidays.  I'd like to worry less about my longevity.  Feel free to nag me about it.

Here's a collection of pinks for October- fellow artists working in the color of the moment.


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