Silk Fail - again

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Ugh.  This was supposed to be a magnificent Peacock scarf.
Instead it is . . . something else.  Something else that is less than magnificent.

I don't know what happened.

Those dark blackish grey areas? Supposed to be deep, rich, warm brown.

The blue and purple are almost rich enough but there's very little definition and they just sort of . . . die as they merge with the brown.

It may be that I mixed too much ivory into my orchid dye - the transition point between the purple and brown.  But that doesn't explain why the brown migrated so little and the blue seems to dominate.  The Brown is supposed to dominate.  Sigh....

The overall effect was supposed to be more like this:

I will over-dye it tomorrow in a rich purple color and hope that will salvage it.

But using my new dye table was awesome.

There are still issues with lighting - in this case the halogen lights are very bright but also very hot. I'm a little concerned about how fast they may dry out silk painting projects - will I still get good salt effects?

I plan to find out tomorrow.

Here's my table with all of the tools moved off of it.  no - it's not glamorous but its a great height and length.  I don't have to dye on the floor anymore!

It is also not good yet for photographs.  I lit the area up and it looked good with my eye but once I got the photos on the computer it became obvious that I need some mode of diffusing the light and some other sources for front lighting. 

The halogens are great for back lighting but the ceiling lights paired with my little Ott light are just not quite bright enough to show colors well and I get lots of puddles of brightness surrounded by encroaching gloominess.

This one of a beaded necklace is O.K.

But the scarf photo is terrible.

. . . .


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